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Book Blog - Angel

My Favorite Book from Quarter 3 would have to be Angel by James Patterson and You can find the book in the library under Fiction. The book is about A girl named Max she’s a bat. She got captured and now she has been in a cage for days. She’s waiting for her bestfriend Fang which he also is a bat, but things don’t go as they seem he doesn’t turn up for those day but eventually he does and when he does he doesn’t help Max escape he just sits outside the window watching everything. Max is torn that her Bestfriend didn’t help her get out.Little did Max know that Famg is creating a Gang in which he replaces everyone including Max. But Max is happy that Dylan one of her other friends that’s also a bat is by her side. She creats a gang, if you want to find out what happened check the book out.

SOL #31 - Party

So yesterday I didn’t post a blog because I was having a party an I forgot. Yesterday we made tamales an let me tell you they were very good and later on we threw a party just cause and my cousin came and we talking bout boys an other stuff. She tells me that she’s talking to her ex an I tell her yikes. After I said that her ex messaged her and he said something that was rude and she tells me if she should say what she told me and I tell her bet you won’t and she’s like bet and she does it and I tell her damn I didn’t think you were gonna do it. My brother comes in and reads the messages and he starts laughing.

SOL #30 - Getting my nails done

Today I went to the mall and got my nails done. When I got there I had to wait for 5 minutes. I then went to the person who was gonna do them and it was a guy at first I thought he was gonna do them horrible because the last time I got them done I got a guy an he did them wrong and didn’t give me the shape I wanted or the length but the guy I got today did them very good and gave me the shape I wanted along with the correct length. Out of all the people that have done my nails before he has to be my favorite.

SOL #29 - Things for tomorrow

Today was a boring day cause there wasn’t much to do. I was suppose to get my nails done today but instead I’m getting them done tomorrow. And probably go shopping around but y’all are gonna have to find out in tomorrow’s blog.

SOL #28 - Getting Lost At The Holocust Museum

Today we went to the holocust museum and we were in groups and my group consisted of my bff Tati , Luis,Carlos,Juan, Annabelle , Israel, Jason, Matt, Alex and many more. When we were looking around following our speaker Tati and I stopped to look at some pictures and the reading that was  with it while we were doing that we didn’t realize that our group had left us and I was looking at Tati telling her that we lost them and we looked around where we were last to see if they were still there, but they weren’t in that room anymore. Ms.Letizia then came towards us asking where our group was and we told her that we had lost them and she helped us look around and then we went to the front desk and asked where our speaker was at the moment and they didn’t know. So then Ms.letizia texted Ms.brezek to see where they were after a few minutes of waiting she came and got us.

SOL #27- Ankle Accident

It was a few years ago when this happened. So I was outside in my back yard and back in my 8 year old brain I had a brilliant idea of riding my skateboard to the front but in order to get to the front from my backyard there’s this walking part but it gets steeper so it’s starts off at the regular concrete and then toward the end to turn a go to the front stair it goes down hill. So my ideas was to go down as fast I can which resulted in me getting hurt. How I got hurt was when I was going down the path I didn’t see that there was a rock on the ground but it was too late to realize that because next thing you know , I’m on the ground holding my ankle in pain. When my uncle see’s me on the ground he comes rushing towards me asking if I’m ok and if I got injured and I told him that my ankle hurt really bad. He then picked me up and put me on the front stairs of my house where everyone was which consisted of my Dad and All my Uncles. After he sat me down on the stairs he went in the house…