SOL #22 - Whole Night On Facetime with BFF

Last Night around 9 i got on facetime with my BFF and we were talking an stuff.Later on she said she was playing fornite and i tell her "wow fornite is taking my bestfriend away" she responded with "yea" and i tell her "that it shouldn't be like that". It was around 11 or 12 and we were still on facetime. I think that i fell asleep on her first. I then woke up out of nowhere an i check my phone an see that shes still sleeping. When i woke up at 5 in the morning i check my phone an see that shes awake and i also seen that we have been on ft for 7 hours and a few minutes and we talking for a bit than i kept falling asleep and i would be like "mhmm" when i would hear her talk or i would laugh a bit( i knew what she was saying and understood everything i just didn't want to wake up my parents) but i plugged in my headphones so that i didn't wake up my parents and so than after that she was doing her hair and asked me if it looked fine i …

SOL #21 - Napping After Parcc (pt.2)

Today we had Parcc testing again. When i finished my test i had put my head down and than out of nowhere i woke up and i was confused because i didn't realize that i fell asleep but than after that i went back to sleep. When we left to head to block 1 i asked Eddie if he kept waking up out of nowhere too and he said yea but that after he went back to sleep and i said that it happened to me too.

SOL #20 - Boring Day

Yesterday was a boring day. The only reason it was boring was because there wasn't anything to do.

SOL #19 - Facetime with BFF

As of right now i'm on Facetime with my BFF and we talking an all that ya know. After a while her sister told me to get on the screen because i was doing something else and so i went back to the screen and i seen that her and her brother were arguing back and forth and screaming at each other while they were screaming at each other i was trying so hard not to laugh.

SOL #18 - Store Encounters

Today My family and I went to Jewel-Osco and my mom and dad went somewhere else in the store while my sister and I went to get what we wanted. After we got everything we went to find our parents and we found them in the meat department and both my parents were talking to someone and they said to them " Hola mija como estas" and keep in mind i could see who it was so i asked them " who are you talking to'' after i said that i moved to the side to get a better look at the person and i seen that it was my cousin and i said " oh hey" and she said " you couldn't see me" and i said "no" she responded with " oh wow i must be really short" when she said that we all started laughing. We then had to say bye because we didn't want to distract her from work. We went to check out and i seen my BFF's sister and we talked than i said "bye" because we had to leave and she said "bye" back.

SOL #17 - Goofing Off At My Dad's Work

Yesterday i went to my dads job with my whole family except for my older brother because he was working. My sister and I were goofing off. My parents called us from the other side of the building because the building was really big and when they called us we had the idea of racing because the halls were really long and the area was huge. So there was plenty of space to run, but the thing is that i went through the kitchen because it was a short cut to where my parents were and while running into the kitchen i didn't realize that the floor was slippery and i was about to fall because i slipped but i held onto the counter in time. When i finally got to my parents i seen that my sister beat me there and they asked what i was doing because i took too long and i told them that i slipped because the floor in the kitchen was slippery. They started laughing but than later on that same thing happened to my sister and i started laughing at her and told her that's what she gets for laugh…

SOL #16- Lit Math Table

Today in Mrs.Navolio's class at our table it was Abel,Jackie G,Ceasar S, Israel and Me. Abel sat in between Jackie and I and than he moved to my left side because he wanted to put his legs on the chair under the table and then i seen that he had a pizza slice and Israel,Ceasar, and Jackie all said " look its a slice of pizza get it"and when they said that all of us started laughing. After that Abel was goofing around and dancing and Jackie and I kept laughing. He than put one of my fav songs on and i said "ooooo" and i grabbed his other head phone to listen to it and then Mrs.Navolio told us to put the headphones away because we were getting distracted and we weren't doing our work.But all of us actually did our work its just that we didn't finish all of it.