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SOL #31 - Party

So yesterday I didn’t post a blog because I was having a party an I forgot. Yesterday we made tamales an let me tell you they were very good and later on we threw a party just cause and my cousin came and we talking bout boys an other stuff. She tells me that she’s talking to her ex an I tell her yikes. After I said that her ex messaged her and he said something that was rude and she tells me if she should say what she told me and I tell her bet you won’t and she’s like bet and she does it and I tell her damn I didn’t think you were gonna do it. My brother comes in and reads the messages and he starts laughing.


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SOL #1 - The time I almost burned down the kitchen

One day I got home from school and asked my mom what she made before she left for work and she said “ I bought you some food from the mall” and after that she left. A few minutes passes and I decided to warm up the food in the microwave and everything was fine until I put the tortillas in the microwave that’s when everything started to go bad. When I put the tortillas in the microwave I didn’t notice that it was wrapped in aluminum and it was too late because I started to see sparks in the microwave coming from the tortillas, so immediately I got up and turned off the microwave. Then my brother came downstairs and as soon as he stepped foot in the kitchen he asked “why does it smell like someone burned something” and I told him that I accidentally put the tortillas with aluminum wrapped around them in the microwave, when I told him that he started laughing. This was the one time I almost burned down the kitchen.

SOL #8 - Tati The Cupid

So Tati and I were on FaceTime and I was telling her about A and about what was happening and she was being Cupid and she put me on with him and I really couldn’t ask for a better best friend not just because she put me on with the guy I like but because she’s always been their for me and I’ve been their for her too I honestly am thankful for my bestfriend and also because we listen to each other rant and never get tired of each other.